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QQCF LEVEL 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development - Mandatory Units

Who is this qualification for...

This qualification provides professional development opportunities for practitioners who have already completed the OCR ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE IN CAREER LEADERSHIP (Units 21, 22 and 23) and are already working with, or entering a role where, they give personal (career) guidance to young people or adults. The qualification covers mandatory units in guidance skills, including agreeing a contract, exploration of client needs and client development action plans. Other units cover managing career information and LMI, working with other agencies, and understanding career guidance theories. Practitioners will also be expected to reflect on their practice and professional development. New entrants will find the unit on preparing to work in the careers guidance sector useful.

This qualification is stated in the Department for Education Statutory Guidance (2018) as a recommended qualification for all career guidance practitioners working in schools and colleges. It is regarded by the profession as the level required for entry to the CDI Professional Register of Guidance Practitioners.

How is it delivered...

Learners can be supported individually through SKYPE technology or in small groups via SKYPE or at their workplace or a local training venue. For individuals, coaching skills are used by qualified assessors to develop knowledge and understanding required when working directly with clients. For groups of learners, formal training sessions can be facilitated both face to face and virtually through SKYPE.

Please follow the link to see the units for this award: L6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development

Centre support…

  • Coaching Appointments/ Training booked to suit learners at their place of work
  • Funding opportunities explored with individuals and organisations
  • All administration with OCR facilitated


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