Customer Feedback

"I wanted to send a quick email to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of your support throughout the course. Being new to Careers Leader this has been a big chunk of work, but I wanted to let you know that I have learnt so much and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn so much in a relatively short space of time. Erica the courses have been jampacked and delivered in a really approachable, yet meaningful way! Lousie thank you for putting me at ease each time we met, especially during the recorded parts! Your support has been invaluable. You are both incredibly knowledgeable in the area of careers and hopefully at one point in the future our paths will cross again."

Careers Leader in training from the Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"The experience (of applying for jobs) has shown me the opportunities that are around and what I can move onto once both of my children start school. It's all been down to doing this course so I wanted to thank you and as it has given me a better position at school, and I think they may take careers more seriously now! And although I'm staying put for this year, I am excited to see what I can go on to do next with the knowledge I am gaining."

Learner from the Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development and level 6 certificate in Careers Leader


"Woooohoooo!!!!!! I have made it to the end!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am, it really means more to me than when I finished my degree."

Happy Level 6 Diploma graduate!


"I don’t have enough words to thank you for the patience, kindness and understanding you have shown me since I started on this journey, I will never forget the support you have provided me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have loved every session and have learned so much about the role I have always dreamed about specialising in and you have helped to make that dream come true. I never thought a year ago when I was struggling to read, write and keep my eyes open for very long that I would make it through the first session, let alone the first module, all those tears of frustration at the beginning forced me to pull my socks up and crack on. Thank you for your words of encouragement and empathy in helping me through that stage."

Learner on the Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development


"I would not be as confident or knowledgeable in my role of Careers Lead at JLC if it had not have been for this course. Everything we covered has been relevant and useful to me and has provided me with an excellent base from which to grow and develop my practice and new team. "

Careers Leader on completion of the L6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"The course has made me realise that there is SEND support out there, and a significant amount too. It is easy to feel daunted at the prospect of leading a subject like careers in a special school, ‘None of our kids will get jobs’, ‘They need constant support, how will that work?’ All of those old barriers need to come down, this course has really provided me with an extra step on my soap box, I want to be the best advocate I can be for these young people, I want to find employment opportunities for them where they’ll find purpose and a realisation that they can do it! It has re-ignited my passion for ensuring the best possible outcomes for young people with additional needs – thank you!"

Careers Leader from a SEND school Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"Learning the theories behind why we do what we do is invaluable. This knowledge has increased my confidence in a way I didn’t know was possible. Thanks to this course I am a more confident and assertive Careers Leader. I have also met new contacts and support networks in my fellow students. I couldn’t recommend this course enough! Thank you Erica and Louise."

Careers Leader mainstream school Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"aaaaaaaI have managed to build our careers programme from a bullet point sheet of A4 to a respectful programme, I have also managed to get SLT, and others excited about Careers within our school and how important it is. And for the first time ever we have a school strategic Careers plan."

Careers leader from a SEND school Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"All the notes and assignments are in essence working documents and a narrative of action plan for the role. Feels like there is not a duplication of effort. Assignments used have helped to structure conversations with other staff and stakeholders (including North East LEP)."

Careers Leader mainstream school on completion of the L6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"I found my tutor to be very supportive and knowledgeable and we had excellent discussions about various parts of the careers programme."

New Careers Leader on completion of Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"This will help me enormously by giving me some academic theory to underpin arguments I might be having internally with the regard to the importance of this agenda. It will give a greater confidence in talking to other practitioners internally and externally as I now feel I know a bit more about what I am meant to be the leader of!"

Strategic Careers Leader from a large FE college completion of Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership


"The workshop sessions were very useful, particularly with how well structured they were. There were clear objectives for each meeting, and it was really useful that time was taken at the end of each session to go through the assignment/case study requirements."

Careers Adviser in an FE college on completion of Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development


"They were fantastic, Helga was able to tune in to us as individuals and give help where we needed. Our group all had differing levels of experience and so I found these personal sessions to be invaluable. I can’t tell you how positive Helga was, she boosted my confidence massively."

School Careers Adviser Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development


"I have grown a lot in confidence and feel more equipped to carry out my role as an Advisor. I was new in post when I started the course and was lacking a lot of confidence, questioning my ability but I feel like I have more knowledge to successfully help people move forwards. I believe the course has helped me with most of the outcomes I have achieved with clients in post."

Level 4 Diploma in Careers Information and Advice graduate


Level 4 Diploma in Careers Information & Advice

"as a new entrant to the careers guidance sector unit 1 really helped me to understand the context of my new job"

Careers Support Assistant in FE College


Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development

"the training about labour market information was very useful and will help me to plan careers sessions with students in college"

Careers Adviser 6th Form College

"I work with a number of schools in my role with NCOP and the Level 6 Diploma gives me a sense of professionalism when working with teachers"

HE widening participation adviser

"sessions online on interview skills (units 4 and 5) gave me time to think about my job as the sessions were in two halves with reflection time in between"

Freelance Careers Adviser


Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership

"Exceptional resources – robust and thorough"

Careers Leader FE College

"Both the trainer and tutor were knowledgeable, approachable and supportive"

Careers Leader at a Pupil Referral Unit

"Discussion on the different models of Career Leader raised questions to ask of my SLT"

Careers Leader overseeing a MAT

"Networking opportunities and a chance for reflection on my practice"

Careers Leader Alternative Education Provision


Level 6 Certificate in Careers Leadership

Specific achievements from course: "LOTS! Especially in terms of planning – going beyond Gatsby e.g. introducing elements of self-awareness into work with students and looking at different approaches to LMI"

Experienced careers leader 11 – 18 Academy

Workshop sessions: "The workshop sessions were excellent, very informative, great discussion and activities. Increased knowledge massively"

Deputy Head/Careers Leader 11 – 18 school

Individual Skype tutorials: "enjoyed the individual tutorials. Felt very comfortable and easy to talk to the tutor. Very supportive"

Newly appointed Careers Leader from a Pupil Referral Unit

Relevance of course to role: "It will help me totally to create an effective careers programme in line with Gatsby benchmarks – to enable me to lead and manage eventually a whole team – to secure the best outcomes for our young people"

Deputy Head/Careers Leader Special Needs Academy


Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development

Units 4 & 5 "Discussion of models (of interviewing) and seeing it in action. Great to see the (careers) interview on screen – methodologies in action"

FE College Careers Adviser in training

Unit 2 "(Resource) booklet had helpful points to go with the slides. Thinking about what reflective methodology would work best of me"

Careers Adviser/Leader 6th Form College

Unit 3 "There was nothing that wasn’t useful – discussions and information was all relevant - found the content on change management interesting and something I might consider in my work"

Resettlement officer HMPYOI

Unit 3 "how you apply practice to theory – it’s helping the jigsaw pieces fit together. Thinking about unpicking someone’s story – like the case studies and appreciating all the theories at play!"

Careers Consultant in HE


Level 3 Certificate in Advice & Guidance

Induction Session: "fully explained the course what is expected and how to relate it to my work"

Local authority family support worker


Level 4 Diploma in Careers Information & Advice

"Thank you ever so much for all of your help, patience and support in helping me complete the course. You may have noticed it's not something I naturally settle in to, and there were many aspects which I found challenging, but through your calm method of delivery I was able to understand the requirements to achieve success. I can honestly say that I view how I deliver advice and guidance in a different way now, and believe my interviews have improved as result"

National Careers Service Adviser



"Really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time to hear/discuss ideas and ways of doing things with others"

Education Business Partnership staff member

"A great course which has inspired and motivated me"

Training Provider

"Really enjoyed listening to how I can use NLP and SBT in my interviews"

National Careers Service Adviser


Level 6 Careers Diploma in Careers Guidance & Development

“The independent learning with a named assessor worked well as we agreed the next meeting as we went along and agreed manageable deadlines”

Academy Trainee Careers Adviser

“I liked the way I was invited to join training courses with other schools and organisations for the units on Careers Theory and Interviewing skills”

College Destinations Adviser

“Working at my own pace worked well as my assessor agreed not to see me when I was not at work in the summer holidays”

School Career Coordinator


Customer feedback form the Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance & Development (Units 2,3&6) Training

“All aspects of each session has helped me to complete the assignments”

Local Authority Careers Adviser

“The resource booklets issued at each session along with discussion have helped to clarify information from the training”

Careers Adviser working in a Referral Unit

“Really enjoyed taking the time to reflect on my work in a structured but relaxed session”

Careers Adviser working in a School

“Found the LMI session really useful and it gave me lots of beneficial informations that I will be DEFINITELY using!!!!” 

Self-employed Careers Adviser working in a School


Comments from learners attending LMI( Labour Market Information) One day training courses

"Colent course showing how you can apply LMI to different interviews in different ways”

Youth Support Team

“A really good informative course. Used Laptops to look at real websites and to analyse the information we were given” 

Youth offending practitioner


CV building course

“Excellent. Great networking and sharing of ideas”

National Careers Service Adviser


Careers Diploma Induction

“Erica made it sound so straight forward. She explained what I needed to do to complete the first unit. Cannot wait until our next meeting!!!”

Connexions PA 

"The candidate felt very confident and comfortable with the support offered and actually look forward to her tutorials!!"

Next Step Provider, Yorkshire 

Career Theory Workshop 
"Opportunity to discuss concepts and theories we incorporate into pracrice normally, and to hear about others' processes and viewpoints'"

Next Steps Manager

Career Theory Workshop 
"Most useful - points picked up from peers and from tutor in discussion"

FE College tutor

Career Theory Workshop 
"I found the pre-course work useful to focus the mind"

Community Organsiation Next Step Adviser