Level 6 Certificate in Career Leadership

Who is this qualification for...

This Certificate has been designed for practitioners working in schools that lead and develop careers provision in an education environment but do not interview or practice as a career professional.

This certificate can be used as a template for planning Careers provision and career related learning programmes against statutory requirements.

The certificate requires completion of the QCF Level 6 units:

  • Unit 21 - Lead and manage career development work in an organisation
  • Unit 22 - Continuously improve career development work in an organisation
  • Unit 23 - Plan and design career-related learning programmes

How is it delivered...

Learners can be seen individually or in small groups at their workplace. 

For individuals, coaching skills are used by qualified assessors/Careers practitioners to develop the knowledge and understanding required when working to provide effective provision required by statutory legislation.

For groups of learners, formal training sessions can be facilitated.

Written assignments are required for this qualification.

Centre support…

  • Coaching Appointments/ Training booked to suit learners at their place of work
  • All administration with OCR facilitated
  • Qualified Career professional offering advice and consultancy


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